Range Rules

1. All active shooters shall sign in.

2. Unsafe use of firearms or unauthorized use of property is strictly prohibited.

3. All shooters shall exercise safety and courtesy on the firing line.

4. All use of alcohol or psychoactive drugs during or before use of the range is prohibited.

5. All persons shall use the rear entrances on rifle and pistol ranges.

6. All shooters are required to remove their targets and target stands from the range before leaving.

7. Ricochet items i.e. Glass, rocks etc. are not to be used as targets.

8. Unattended firearms are to be unloaded.

9. Junior shooters must be accompanied by an adult, one on one.

10. At any time when two or more shooters are on the range, one shall be designated Range Officer.

11. Ear protection is mandatory during firearm use. Eye protection is also strongly recommended.

12. Spectators must wear ear protection and remain in the designated spectator area.

13. Members are responsible for their guest's adherence to the rules.

14. Any person handling firearms in an unsafe manner can be asked to leave the range.

15. Range hours are from Dawn to Dusk (safe seeing conditions) and following legal shooting times for that date.

16. Any person disregarding these rules may be subject to loss of club membership.

17. Members are requested to carry a copy of these rules and must have their membership card with them while at the range.

Range Officers

1. The range officer has full authority to direct all range operations.

2. No person is permitted forward of the firing line until a cease fire is called and verified by the range officer and proper flag is shown.

3. Official orange vests shall designate range safety officers during organized events.

Cease Fire Procedure
1. Rifles: When a cease-fire is called all rifles shall be placed in an upright position with actions open, magazines removed and chambers clear. Semiautomatics unable to stay open must have a plug inserted into the action to hold it open.

2. Handguns: Semiautomatics shall have magazines removed, chambers clear, hammer down and placed on the bench pointed in a safe direction. Double action and single action revolvers shall have the chambers clear, hammer down and left on the bench pointed in a safe direction.

3. There will be no handling of firearms during a cease-fire or when people are down range.

4. Any shooter on the firing line may call a cease-fire if they see an unsafe situation.


1. Flag system shall be used at al times.

2. Persons entering the premises shall install the red flag in its holder at each range visited.

3. Red flag on the outside of the range indicates RANGE IN USE

4. Red flag on the inside of a range indicates range is HOT or active.

5. Green flag on the inside of a range indicates the range is CLEAR or in a CEASE-FIRE condition.

6. An orange vest will be worn by at least one person when setting up targets beyond the 100-yard marker.


Rules for Rifle, Handgun and Muzzle Loaders

1. No shooting at range markers.

2. No shooting cross range.

3. No ammunition allowed in safe areas.

4. Targets shall be placed in the center of the shooting lanes.

5. #7 1/2 or smaller shot target loads only to be used on the trap field. No heavy field loads

6. Shooters using semi-auto firearms please use the extreme right hand shooting stations whenever possible.

7. .22 caliber rifles can be used on the outdoor pistol range. No center fire rifles and no rifle caliber pistols are to be used on the pistol ranges.

8. These rules apply to air rifles and air pistols.

9. In the event of a misfire, the shooter will keep the muzzle pointed down range for at least 60 seconds and notify the range officer.



Calendar of Events


We are now utilizing the new FOB system to activate the gate. All members will be charged a $15 deposit for the FOB which will be returned should they choose to leave the club. Tips to using the FOB's is to open the box that houses the keypad. Hold your fob at the top of the keypad for two seconds. Then slowly slide your FOB down the keypad to the bottom. You should see a single green light when the FOB is recognized.  2024-There is a small chance (around 1%) that you FOB has to be reprogrammed twice this calendar year. If you find that it doesn't work out at the gate, please drop it off at Gun Fishin and it will be reprogrammed very quickly. Thanks for your patience as we work through this issue with our supplier. 


-Our next regular monthly meeting will be held on April 17th and will be held out at the clubhouse on the range.  


Range Closures:  

The Big Bore range will be closed this Friday, May 3, 2024 for the BC Highschool Rodeo groups shooting event. It will be closed from 11AM till 2PM for this shooting event. 

Work bee(s)- The range will be closed as these scheduled work bees goes on. As soon as the various ranges are completed they can be opened for member's use after a safety meeting. There will be a schedule work bee the second sunday of each month and all members are encouraged to come out and help improve our range. Not only for the $10 off your next membership, but for pride in your club and to see improvements to the range. Failing that, maybe a free lunch with bottled water and coffee may make up some of your minds to attend. 

-The works to the two new shooting sheds is ongoing and will happen as supplies are delivered and volunteers are availabe. 

-The next work bee will occur on May 5, 2024 and will close the entire range. The work bee will run from 9-2 and lunch/snacks will be provided for the volunteers.  Come on out and support the Club with various project that are ongoing and facilitate a better experience for all users of the range. 


We will keep you posted as updates become available.


Follow our Club on Facebook as well as there are regular updates posted there.



Monthly Meetings are held at the meeting room of the Phelan House on Jackson Ave.

Monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month except July and August., are open to any interested visitors.
Many of our club activities are open to visitors too!
You are welcome to attend our annual:

Tuesday night archery practise have now changed to 6:30-7:30 pm.

We host an fishing derby each spring at Making Lake. Visit our calendar for updates as we get closure to the event.
We have a game banquet or similar event as a get together for club members to share stories & celebrate each others successes. 

There is a Family fishing event on Fathers Day @ Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park. All welcome, fishing for kids and a great time for families. Lunch provided on site.

Throughout the year we will have regular sporting clay & skeet shoots/practices. Stay posted to our calendar for upcoming dates. 

We can have classes for youth 22 education. Email the club for more information. 

We are fortunate to have a 500m big bore range. Please respect the range & only shoot @ regulation targets. If you shoot full metal jacket ammo, please bring your own steel targets. 

Core program. We have multiple courses throughout the year @ have a certified instructor who can either teach or host a challenge. Email the club for more information. 

Many of our monthly meetings have guest speakers who speak on a wide range of topics such as wilderness survival, outdoor photography, and important local conservation issues.

If you want to know what is happening, please check this website or contact BJ Moore at 250-280-0304