Calendar of Events


We are now utilizing the new FOB system to activate the gate. All members will be charged a $15 deposit for the FOB which will be returned should they choose to leave the club. Tips to using the FOB's is to open the box that houses the keypad. Hold your fob at the top of the keypad for two seconds. Then slowly slide your FOB down the keypad to the bottom. You should see a single green light when the FOB is recognized. 


-Works are underway for our big bore range improvements. Widening has been completed with the building of an additional shooting shack being the next items of business. Later in the spring we will be extending the big bore range out to 600m. 

-Our next regular monthly meeting will be held on September 20th. These are held out at the clubhouse at the range and are at 7PM. 

A big thank you to both the events that were held at the range the past two weekends. It was our pleasure to host you guys and we are so happy to see these shooting events continue to grow in popularity and see the creativity that goes into them. We look forward to next year already. 


Range Closures:

Work bee(s)- The range will be closed as these scheduled work bees goes on. As soon as the various ranges are completed they can be opened for member's use after a safety meeting. There will be a schedule work bee the second sunday of each month and all members are encouraged to come out and help improve our range. Not only for the $10 off your next membership, but for pride in your club and to see improvements to the range. Failing that, maybe a free lunch with bottled water and coffee may make up some of your minds to attend. 

-The range will be closed for a work bee on Sept 17th. It will open once the works are completed around 2PM. Come on out and help with the spring cleaning and preperation for upcoming projects on the range. Lunch/coffee will be provided to all volunteers. 


We will keep you posted as updates become available.


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